Recruiting Essentials-NCAA Rule Changes

PSR Recruiting Essentials

  •  Making Sure You Are NCAA Eligible  
In order to be eligible to compete in NCAA sports during your first year at a Division 1 program, you are required to graduate high school and complete the 16 core course in high school.  Student-athletes must earn a minimum of 2.3 GPA in your core courses and have combined ACT and SAT scores matching your core course GPA.  If you have a low core course GPA, you will need to have a higher test score to be eligible.

  • Marketing Yourself
When you are taking your first steps to talk with college coaches, you must be mindful of how you present yourself to coaches.  Professionalism and sportsmanship is key to how a college coach will see you on the field with your teammates and peers.  One of the things to consider when marketing yourself is having a professional video made to put your skills on display.  Prep Softball Report can create professionally edited videos to give you the edge you need in the recruiting world.  PSR is a non-biased source where student-athletes can gain information and improve to continue their playing career.

  • The Video
With the new NCAA softball recruiting rules, coaches cannot make contact with athletes until September 1st of their junior academic year.  Messages may not be sent through third parties services from coaches to student-athletes until their junior year.  This is where Prep Softball Report can help by giving athletes the exposure they need.  PSR can provide profiles for each athlete with cumulative high school and travel statistics, advanced metrics, and professionally edited videos where coaches can view the complete student-athlete. Prep Softball Report will be able to house your professionally edited video on your very own player profile.